Prepping Your RV For Storage During The Off Season

Even if you practically live in your RV all summer, it might be a better option to store your RV away from your home during the months this isn't in use. There are plenty of secure RV storage facilities which will, in turn, clear up space in your driveway and yard. There are still some prepping and safety tips that you should run through before putting your RV into storage. Here are four things you should always do before dropping your RV off in storage during the off season.

1. Deter Pests from Wreaking Havoc to Your RV

Insects and rodents will try their best to sneak into RVs over the winter months. You can add insect screens to all pipes and vents to prevent stowaways. Take some time to assess any gaps underneath your RV that can be filled with expanding foam to keep out larger pests such as rats and mice.

2. Get the Interior of Your RV into Storage-Mode

If your RV is set up for living, it is a good idea to clear everything out for winter that could rot, mold, or cause water damage. Drain all pipes and holding tanks and replace with antifreeze if you are in a colder climate. Defrost the freezer and clean out the fridge, and leave all fridge doors and kitchen cabinets open to keep everything dry and to prevent molding.

3. Disconnect the Battery

The last thing you want to have happen when you come to get your RV out of storage is to find out that your battery has slowly drained or has been damaged. A great way to extend the life of your battery is to ensure that this is either removed or disconnected. If you live in an area that freezes over the winter, you may want to remove the battery and store it elsewhere in a temperature-controlled environment.

4. Locks and Security

Double check all of the locks on doors and windows before leaving your RV in storage. It is best if you can secure an RV storage yard that has on-site security as well. You may want to invest in sturdier locking mechanisms if you will be leaving your RV for long periods of time. If your RV is a fifth wheel, you can add a hitch lock that will deter anyone from driving off with your RV in tow.

Storing your RV away from your home can be a smart convenient thing to do, but don't forget to prep for this. It is a good idea if you can check on your RV here and there while this is in storage. In case there are any minor emergencies, you can catch these quickly. Keep your RV in the best condition possible so it's ready hit the road again when you are.

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