Key Tips To Consider When Buying Cooking Supplies When You'll Be Carrying What You Need On An Extended Hiking And Camping Trip

If you're planning an extended camping trip with a lot of hiking and limited or nonexistent vehicle access, the entire experience changes dramatically from the more mainstream tent and outdoor situation. When you're roughing it and only using what you can carry, it's important to carefully consider each item you are transporting and whether or not a lighter weight or more functional use of that object would be equally useful. The supplies that you'll be cooking with on your trip are an excellent example of that issue, so, before buying any new items, it's best to be aware of the following advice.

Choose Multi-functional, Lightweight Cookware Whenever Possible

It has often been said that the necessities that you start with on a long hike are often not nearly as important a few miles down the road. For instance, you might think that you will need at least two skillets, when the truth is that a single, sectioned unit can do the same job and is easier to carry with you. The same is true of bowls, as a single stainless steel bowl with a secure locking lid can be used to store dried food, like oatmeal, and then cook it over an open flame.   

When the metal is safe to touch or if you are so hungry that you don't mind not touching the bowl while dining, you can then eat directly from it. It's a much better option than the use of plasticware for transporting that food, carrying another bowl for eating from, and pot for cooking. In addition, although cast iron has often a popular option for camping cookware, its heavy weight makes it impractical for most hikers.     

Determine If Items Can Fit Inside Each Other

One crucial trick to maximizing your fun while hiking and camping for an extended period of time pertains to simply making everything as easy on yourself as you can. For instance, you should make sure that you are making the best and most appropriate use of the space in your bags. Specifically, shopping for items that fit within each other will permit you to seemingly have fewer items to transport. The total weight will be the same, but it will be less burdensome for you and might even allow you to use a smaller bag.  

The same advice can be applied to food storage devices, as when their contents are used, being able to nestle them together is still going to be quite useful. When choosing those items, don't forget to consider the extra bulk of the lids, as their presence might impact your plans.   

In conclusion, roughing it in the wilderness and hiking through rarely seen areas have been life-changing experiences for many people. However, access to safe and nutritious food is essential during that time, so the above tips for choosing the right camping cooking supplies will be quite useful.