Retirement On Wheels: Living In An RV Full Time

If you have finally retired, want to downsize and enjoy traveling, you may want to consider retiring in a recreational vehicle. The style of recreational vehicles (RVs) has changed dramatically over the previous years, with many of them containing the same features as your family home. RV camping as a full-timer isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy the adventure of traveling, no longer want or need a large, two-story home and want to live on a budget, it may be the ideal solution for you.

Prepping Your RV For Storage During The Off Season

Even if you practically live in your RV all summer, it might be a better option to store your RV away from your home during the months this isn’t in use. There are plenty of secure RV storage facilities which will, in turn, clear up space in your driveway and yard. There are still some prepping and safety tips that you should run through before putting your RV into storage. Here are four things you should always do before dropping your RV off in storage during the off season.